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Readers' Theatre

About Readers' Theatre:

We are a group who enjoys drama and selects presentations appropriate to the occasion. The plays are rehearsed with the intent that they will be read.
Often Readers' Theatre will be read from podiums or from 2-3 chairs or
stools in front. We have expanded that with some movement, props, and costume suggestions such as a hat or scarf. This style is often less intimidating because participants with a day-job would have little time to work on memorization.

Selections have a poignant message and to date have been laced with much
humor. Depending from which company we order, the plays often have a
scripture reference. We have had 12-15 cast members in some presentations.

Our past shows include:

From 2007: the May Tea, in September a series of sketches, in October a Sunday morning play: “The Basement,” and the Christmas play: “The Case of the Missing Meaning”

From 2008: Easter Sunday morning: “Early Riser,” in March: “The Uncertain Samaritan,” the May Tea: “The World from a Child’s Point of View,” and an October dessert theatre called “The Mystery of Montley’s Manor”

From 2009: In March “Humorous Sketches from the Jeremiah People Collection” and the May Tea, “Days of Our Lives,” a humorous style show created and directed by Wilma Glass and written by LaRea Slater  

LaRea Slater, director 998-7747