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Here's a list of things you can do during Lent (beginning this Wednesday Feb. 17) to help you for the 40 days (ending on Easter Sunday) in your spiritual journey this Lenten season:

1) Spend time in solitude waiting on the Lord each day for __ minutes.

2) Fast from __ to focus on prayer

3) Read a book for spiritual growth

4) Read through the Gospel of Matthew

5) Memorize a Scripture verse once a week. Write it on a 3x5 card.

6) Make a list of people you need to reconcile with. Pray for them daily and let Jesus guide my attitude towards them.

7) Write down 5 things you are thankful for each day.

8) Write a letter of affirmation/encouragement once a week to a person who has touched your life.

9) Say "NO" to something that is a waste of money and time.

10) For each day of Lent, collect one item you don't need in your home and then donate these items to charity.

11) Step up your tithing from 10% to 15%.

12) Give a compliment to a different person each day.

Most to God and just let him lead your hearts and minds!

Pastor Jan